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Drive your investments forward faster.

With over 80% accurate signals, Spike provides crypto investors with insights for trade opportunities through a decentralized crypto intelligence hub. Spike feeds and analyzes social sentiment, news, technical, exchange and crowdsourced data in real-time and delivers actionable trade signals.
Using blockchain, Spike incentivises community participation for content contribution and signal optimization using Proof of Stake by Participation technology (PoSP)

Turn insight into action

  • Get real-time trade signals for crypto assets in the form of "Buy, Hold & Sell" with 70-90% accuracy.
  • Get relevant and timely news that impact the crypto market as well as on coin by coin basis
  • Setup alerts for trade opportunities
  • Let Spike Bot make money for you!
  • Enable auto-trades through your favourite exchange using Spike's signals
  • Configure Spike Bot with pre-defined trading strategies
  • Receive recommendations on your portfolio asset distributions based on goals
  • Manage your crypto portfolio, setup investment preferences, preferred asset types, risk tolerance
  • Get portfolio optimization signals

Spikehub (SP) Ecosystem


Demo Prototype


Spike’s prototype is currently available by invitation only! Join the Beta list to receive pre-release invite and updates.

Spikehub Roadmap


Foundations Stage

  • Strategy Development
  • Team Building
  • Research & Assesment
  • Signals - Datamodels MVP
  • Data Collection & Backtesting


Formation - Stage

  • Concept Development
  • White paper
  • Branding
  • Core tech development
  • Team Expansion


MVP - Stage

  • Marketing Site
  • Signals prototype
  • News aggregation
  • Spike Smart Contracts
  • Investor Onboarding platform
  • Machine Learning v1
  • MVP public release


Public Reveal - Stage

  • Spike Onboarding
  • Spike Portfolio management
  • ICO website + KYC
  • Token Pre-sale
  • Applications at Exchanges
  • Smart Alerts
  • Launch ICO
  • Machine Learning v2


Expansion - Stage

  • Team expansion
  • SpikeBot - robotrading with AI
  • Proof of stake by Participation development
  • Crowdsourced content
  • API access endpoints for Saas clients


Improvement - Stage

  • Build Native iOS and Android apps
  • SpikeBot integration with main exchanges
  • Advanced realtime signals


Stoyan Stoyanov


Lifelong entrepreneur, fintech, cybersecurity and blockchain professional. Stoyan is a 3x founder (with successful exits) and product leader with 14+ years experience building over 20 end-to-end tech products for Fortune 500 companies. He holds a Masters in Design Management from Pratt Institute.

Kristian Georgiev


PhD in Computer Science with 10+ years experience in trading technology, computer vision and AI. Kristian's scientific work is published in several international conferences. His most recent accomplishment includes the design and construction of a medical device that sold for over $10M.

Miroslav Stoyanov

CTO - Europe, Full Stack

Full Sack Engineer with 12+ years experience in tech startups and team management. In the past 5 years, Miroslav has worked extensively in fintech, building online payment processing products.

Daniel Stoinov

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Fintech DevOps professional with 17+ years experience in system administration, development/operations and project management. Daniel has a proven record of building, configuring, maintaining and scaling large server infrastructure for big data and data processing.

Sherry Berger

Branding, UI Designer

Over 20+ years experience in award-winning design and creative direction. Strong conceptual thinker, outstanding visual and strategically focused designer, with an extensive understanding of marketing and brand objectives, consumer needs and the value of effective communications. Sherry is the founder of SB Designs, a branding consultancy firm in New York.

Winnie Glover

Marketing, PR

With over 10+ years of senior marketing communications and project management, Winnie believes in "Human-Centered" Engagement Marketing! that is engineered to inspire, provoke and deliver beyond expectations. She relies on insights for innovation, from ideas to action, storytelling for influence or leading for creativity to bring out the best work from colleagues and key stakeholders.

Hristo Angelov

Full Stack Engineer

Hristo has 15+ years experience and has worked as a founding team member for prominent venture-funded startups in New York. Currently in fintech, he leads the development and builds online payment processors.

Sohaib Qidwai


Sohaib is a finance and strategy professional at CNN Worldwide with 10+ years experience working with large corporations and startups in the US, Canada and UK. He organizes one of the largest AI and blockchain Meetups in NYC.

Tihomir Banov

Full Stack, Smart Contract Engineer

Software/blockchain engineer with extensive experience in PHP, Solidity, Swift, Node.js and Linux. Tihomir expertise lies in fintech but is knowledgeable in several other software languages. He currently works as a cryptocurrency and blockchain activist building smart contracts and blockchain technologies.

Svetoslav Stefanov

Senior Software Engineer

Svetoslav holds a Masters in Computer Science with 15+ years experience in PHP, Node.js and Linux. He works mainly in fintech with highlighted expertise in telecommunication, Forex platform support, web development, and online payments.

Fernando Schwartz

Advisor - AI, Deep Learning

Fernando holds a PhD in mathematics from Cornell University and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Chile. As the chief data scientist at Prognos, Fernando heads a 15-strong team tasked with deploying AI on the world’s largest clinical lab dataset, covering almost 200M lives in the US. Before joining Prognos, Fernando held key leadership roles in data science at AppNexus and LiveIntent, and two ad-tech companies in NYC.

Robert Grzesik

Advisor, Tech

Software professional with 10+ years experience writing code, product management, strategy and architecture design. Complemented by a Masters in Finance degree from a top 50 worldwide business school, and experience in over $3 billion worth of financial transactions. Special interest and 5+ years experience building AI and Machine Learning technologies, from Computer Vision to Natural Language Processing.

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